Why Women Love to Shop and Men Don’t?

Men and women have different likes, tastes, and preferences. There are certain broad classifications like women like pink and men are more inclined to sports and sort of thing. These are true in most cases and have become a kind of trend universally. It cannot be called a bias when the maternity hospitals choose pink for a girl baby and blue if it’s a boy. It just that people have accepted it that way and like it to be the same in future as well. Same is the case in the question above, Women like shopping more than men. They tend to see it as a way to de-stress.

Science has perhaps not been able to provide any clear evidence as to why women love shopping more than men. It is just that certain facts do not have any justification or evidence. Women enjoy shopping and that is it. However, research has proven that men easily tend to get bored within few minutes of shopping, whereas women do not show any signs of fatigue or boredom even after 2 hours. Men prefer picking their requirements outright without much delay. They can make prompt decisions when it comes to choosing what they want while women fancy trying different options before zeroing in on the best one.

Some researches show that women scored more than men in skills and behaviors associated with gathering from the ancient times. However, there are also arguments that this task requires more patience which seems to quality women have universally. Women want to have the best and not settle down outright with the very first option.

Women are also known to shop well for their spouses or brothers. She can also choose the best men’s grooming kits for her male counterpart.