Tips Buying a Hoverboard for a 10 Year Old

Hoverboards are great. I think I need one too. Purchasing a hover board for kids has always been a dilemma for parents who are not sure of its safety. Some parents believe buying a hoverboard for their kids is as dangerous as giving them a sharp knife to play with. The few who want to buy the hoverboards are still faced with the challenged of not knowing how to choose the best.   

Here are the tips on how to choose the best hoverboards for your 10-year-olds. 

  • Read customer reviews: by reading customer reviews, you will gather enough information on how good the products are.  
  • Conduct a market survey as this will enable you to know the different types of hoverboards available on the market. 
  • Safety of the hoverboards: consider how safe the hoverboards can be. If you are not sure of its safety, it is better to ask questions. 
  • Size of the hoverboard: buy hoverboards that suite your child’s size. Make sure it fits perfectly. 
  • The speed of the hoverboard: most hoverboards can go from a speed of 2 to 10mph. It is advisable to purchase those with average speeds. 
  • Battery capacity of the hoverboard: consider how fast the battery charges and discharges. 
  • Cost of the hoverboard. Do not spend more than $600 on a hoverboard. 
  • Be acquainted with all local laws guiding the use of hoverboards. Know if there are fines attached to using hoverboards and how much they cost. 
  • The weight of the hoverboard. 


  • Never buy hoverboards for younger children until you are sure of their ability to use the boards properly. 
  • Never allow your children to use the hoverboards unattended to.