The Best and Easiest Way to Teach Your Toddler to Pick Up Toys

When you have a kid running around the house, keeping the floors toy free is next to impossible. Though we cannot really stop our kids from littering the floor with their toys, we can always teach them to clean up after themselves. They need not be perfect but teaching them to pick up their toys from the floor can bring in a lot of discipline and teach them to take care of themselves and their belongings from a young age.

You definitely don’t want all those toys bought from starwalkkids to get misplaced or end up in the trash. Here is a simple and easy way to ensure your kids pick up after themselves:


The easiest and simplest way to teach a kid anything is to lead as an example. Children learn more by doing what we do than listen to us. Hence if you are going to show them how to pick up their toys after playtime, it will definitely be more effective than telling them a number of times, every single day.

You can organize a fun game where you and your child can do the cleaning up together. You can form a song and sing as you pick the toys off the floor. This makes it a team activity that involves singing and dancing rather than make it a chore for the child to do after having a fun-filled day, throwing their toys all around.

You can hold the bag and ask your child to pick and drop one item at a time as you sing a made-up song just for this or their favorite rhymes. This way, the kid will not realize they are actually cleaning up. Over a period of time, their fixed “clean up” time will become a part of their daily routine and will not need you to do much in the future.