"SHELDON" T/Oscars Celeb Fav:  "Quantum" - for Men
"SHELDON" T/Oscars Celeb Fav: "Quantum" - for Men
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"SHELDON" T/Oscars Celeb Fav:  "Quantum" - for Men

Men's black t-shirt worn by star Jim Parsons on multiple episodes of Warner Bros.' "The Big Bang Theory":

- "The Holographic Excitation", 25 Oct 2012 (S6E5)
- "The Isolation Permutation", 3 Nov 2011 (S5E8)
- "The Vengeance Formulation", 23 Nov 2009 (S3E9).

Essentials of quantum theory: Decoherence, interference, uncertainty, exclusion, transformation, measurement. And its fundamental equation.