Important Things to Look for when Purchasing a Blow Dryer

Many things have helped me become a hair guru, including great organic products from Sephora, a great hair style and a good spa, but the best thing by far has been a blow dryer. A blow dryer can help you get the right style and solidify it on your head. Want to buy a blow dryer but not sure which one to get? Great, that is the main reason why we’ve wrote this great guide with 4 things to look for before you want to start purchasing a blow dryer.

  • Look at the Power

Power will determine how fast your hair will dry, many hair dryers will take half an hour just to dry hair, look for something that has a higher wattage, 1800 watts is good for beginners, 3600 watts is better for more seasoned professional hair stylists. Try getting a higher wattage if you can’t dry fast enough.

  • “Shot” Button

The shot button sets the style and dries out the hair entirely, if you are finished styling your hair the shot button can set the hair style.

  • Attachments

Smoothing hair requires a nozzle attachment, this helps get air into a specific area of your hair and will help keep the hair nice and vibrant throughout the day.

  • Heat and Power controls

Make sure the blow dryer has adequate options for heat, high heat, medium heat or low heat, this is a good thing if you are afraid of your hair being damaged.

To read a much more in-depth guide on buying a blow dryer, check out these blow dryer ┬ácustomer reviews: as it’s much longer and much more detailed. It also has many product recommendations for you in case you don’t want to make the final choice by yourself.