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Here’s Why Men Don’t Like Shopping and (Most) Women Do 

It is an Art to handle work husband.  They come home tired carrying all the temper which they couldn’t vent at the workplace.  Even when they are fine, they prefer to stick to the bean bag and watch television rather than chatting or sharing kitchen work.  When you use strict guidelines for them, it spoils the peace at home and leads to arguments.  That will impact their work performance too.  So, use the below 5 easy rules for keeping the peace at work and home:

Be smooth and make it gradual:  Whether you are a homemaker or a working woman, it becomes tough when you quarrel with them and expect them to change overnight.  Of course, sharing the work at home is also important. But be smooth and make the conversion a gradual process.   Start with small tasks.  Appreciate them lavishly so that they come back for taking more responsibility happily.  This will avoid quarrels.

Criticism:  Avoid having too many expectations and criticizing them in front of others.  At times they may forget things.  Never point out mistakes in front of others.  When they are in a position of not sharing simple housework, do not expect to work in the kitchen garden. Instead, buy food which is safely transported by a jet pro.

Weekend tasks:  During weekends the work husbands will be free.  Do not expect them to take up housework the whole day.  Instead, discuss and decide mutually on how many hours they can spend on you.  They too need relaxation.  Respect their needs.

Space:  Ensure you never interfere with their space.  Never mix up home and office work.  At normal times, never encourage work-related discussions at dinner.  When you feel they are stressed do not overpour your concern by asking too many questions.  Men open up if they really feel they need to discuss.  So, do not make them feel they don’t have their space.

Monitor:  Do not monitor their phones or try to overhear their conversations.  If they are working on their emails, never stand near and try to read things.  Micro-monitoring will surely spoil their peace of mind at home and workplace.