"SHELDON" T/Seen on TV:  "De Oxy Ribo" - for Men
"SHELDON" T/Seen on TV: "De Oxy Ribo" - for Men
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"SHELDON" T/Seen on TV:  "De Oxy Ribo" - for Men

Know your genome?

Charcoal men's t-shirt seen in a "TBBT is moving to TBS" TV ad and worn by star Jim Parsons on Warner Bros.' "The Big Bang Theory":

- "The Romance Resonance", 24 October 2013 (S7E6)
- "The Monopolar Expedition", 11 May 2009 (S2E23)
- Included in their "Best of Sheldon" gallery.

See this image also published on Jim's IMDb site.

DNA. Deoxyribonucleic acid. The building blocks of life. Double helix. 3.2B base pairs. 20 amino acids. 60-100K genes. A strand ~9km long. Adenine, guanine, cytocine, thymine nucleotide sequences. Did you know that our DNA is 99.9% identical?