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    How to Safely Use Your Credit Card Online in 2018

    At the speed of the technology today we need to be very careful with our online transactions with regard to money dealings. A credit card is one of the most used monetary tool for making payments and hence a lot of fraudulent activities have been experienced in this field.

    Let’s go through some quick tips to ensure safety for your credit card online in 2018. Achetez des vues youtube can be a link from where you can get the handy tips on all such issues.

    1. Check on the added layer of security: there is an added security with credit cards in the form of a secure code which is unique to each use, find about such options and enable it for safety purposes and secured transactions.
    2. Use a separate card for online transactions: when you use a credit card for both offline and online transactions then you can use a separate card for the online transactions and maintain its transactions in a unique manner.
    3. Keep a watch on statements: regularly check on your mini statements to ensure any unusual This can help you to be aware of how your account is used. Keeping your statements auto emailed once a month can also be done and ensured for better safety.
    4. Use virtual credit cards: some banks offer the option of virtual credit cards by which you can get a temporary card number of single use. This will be linked to your actual card as well and hence help you to complete a safe transaction and prevent frauds.
    5. Check your browser settings: keep your browser settings customized so that it doesn’t save your personal information and other credentials. Also, keep the passwords never saved on public Keeping a check on your personal identity can help you to be safe.