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    10 Best Toys and Gifts for 6-Year-Olds 2019

    When you are out shopping for a 6-year-old, you can be more than just a little confused. You need variety and mums look at doodlebuckets first to understand what is trending in the market for their children’s age group. Here are 10 best toys you can buy a 6-year-old:

    1. Puzzles

    Age appropriate puzzles improve focus and concentration.

    1. Board Games

    This is a great way to teach a number of concepts to children of this age. Get them interesting board games they can play with others – both kids and adults.

    1. Figurines

    This is the age they get obsessed with some character or set of characters they see or read about. Get them items related to this obsession and let them have imaginative play sessions.

    1. Mock Items

    This is the age they want to mock the parent and other adults and do things that adults do. You can get them mock carpentry set, gardening set, etc that are child-friendly, safe and makes them feel they are using the real thing.

    1. Books

    Get them story books and informative books to feed their growing brain. They can understand new concepts and grasp it at a great speed at this age.

    1. Activity

    Get them activity based toys and books that will keep their minds working and learning in the process.

    1. Musical Instrument

    Get them some musical instrument and introduce them to this world. They may develop an interest that can become something in their lives as they grow.

    1. Sports

    Get them sporting goods. This is the age they are physically in sports and are trying to find what they like and are good at. Encourage it.

    1. Clothes

    Clothes are a good gift for any age as kids just keep growing out of them.

    1. Play Sets

    There are age and gender-based playsets being sold in the market. get the appropriate ones to feed their imagination and help their pretend play. It may seem pointless to us adults but kids learn a lot from such plays.…