7 Tips For Choosing Your First Drug Test Kit Online


This study is meant to determine the efficacy and affordability of different types of home-based drug testing products that have been available on the internet for a long period of time. We’ve used methods such as a qualitative method and quantitative method for reviewing the analysis of data that has been provided to us to use via various research institutions and services.


The main objective of this study is to review drug-testing products that can be used at home and review them vs. Internet based review services.


The main method used is a double-blind placebo study where a person who was known to have used marijuana or alcohol presents him or herself to the study board and uses a drug test and testifies if he or she has used alcohol or not. The drug tests reviewed if the patient was in-fact using alcohol and marijuana and identified the level of in-toxication or highness and compared it to an actual laboratory result using professional forensic methods, the results were calibrated and identified vs. The results on the internet reviews.


For the most part, most drug tests passed without much concern, one of the main problems we’ve found is that drug tests can be manipulated easily with synthetic urine, after going over reviews for synthetic urine and selecting ones that were the best, we found that synthetic urine was able to trick the home drug tests into believing that the user was not intoxicated or using marijuana or THC infused products, in many cases it’s incredibly difficult to distinguish the two extremes and often times they appear to be entirely the same (organic vs. Synthetically produced urine).


At home drug tests are accurate with the exception of the use of synthetic urine.