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5 Tips to Help You Buy Your First Paintball Mask

Paintball gear come in so many shapes and sizes. Finding your perfect gear can determine your performance in the game. There are some great paintball loaders available and inexpensive markers too. Make sure that you choose a comfortable mask, a cheap and efficient marker, and a compatible air tank. As the masks are the most important safety gear in the game here are some tips to help you find your perfect mask.

  1. In the mask, category value matters more than the cost

When you are just starting out in paintball cheap markers can be bought but with the masks, you cannot compromise on the quality for the price. Look at the value of the mask, the quality of build and the durability rather than the price alone.

  1. Choose the right coverage

Make sure that you compare the designs and pick a mask with full coverage when you are a beginner. Some might prefer a lighter mask that offers slightly lower coverage. There are plenty that offers coverage for the whole head more than just the face and neck.

  1. Find a reliable brand

When we talk about the brand it is about finding a mask that is locally popular, one that is easily accessible. So if there are quick repairs or upgrades or replacement of spares, they can all be handled easily.

  1. Ventilation is the key

You should not feel suffocated while wearing the mask. So pick one that regulates the air flow in a healthy way. Remember that when you are running in the game you might start feeling shortness of breath if your mask doesn’t fit well.

  1. The right fit

Fit refers to the space in the inner cavity of the mask and the ability of the mask to stay put even when you are in a fast-paced game.