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    Tips and Advice Buying a HoverBoard


    There are so many pre-shopping questions that race through minds of folks who want to purchase a hoverboard, a cool hoverboard at that.  

    Below are guidelines, tips, and advice that will assist you in making the best decision plus all the essential factors- legal and safety. 

    Self Balancing Electric Scooter: Don’t be glued to the past, hoverboards today are designed to be a self-balancing electric scooter. 

    U.S. Based Brands Should Come First: This reason isn’t far-fetched. The U.S. established brands like Razor comes with customer support and warranty, a feature that not all brands would offer. Buying from brands outside of the country would make it difficult to access the customer service. 

    Read Customer Reviews: When buying hoverboard, it is wise to read customers reviews on sites like Amazon, eBay and the likes for confirmation of the quality of the hoverboard you are buying.  

    Cost of purchase: Hoverboards could be expensive, yet don’t break your pocket during acquisition. The price of the hoverboard you will be buying must not go beyond $600.  

    If you intend getting it for sport, then you probably can. However, an entry-level design will offer the same thrill.  

    The Local Laws: There might be restrictions about riding a hoverboard. For that reason, you must check local laws or visit police department about where you can ride so you won’t incur a fine.  

    Weights: It is vital to be sure about the weight of the hoverboard you will ride. When you want to buy think portability. 

    Speed And Distance: The ones you will be buying must be within the range of 10-15 miles and must be able to travel anywhere from 2-10mph.  

    Charging: How long will it take to charge, the length of charge, the level of patience.  

    Return Policy: You must be wary about this should a knockoff happens. It is vital to purchase a hoverboard that comes with a return policy. 



  • Fitness

    How Losing Weight Can Help You Save Money

    Losing weight is not only beneficial for your psychological, physical and emotional health, it can also help you save quite a bit of money in the process. Eating out costs 10$ a meal and eating out once a week leads to you spending nearly 500$ each year, and many people who are overweight eat more than that each day (not week). If you need even more reasons to start losing weight, we have some great reasons why losing weight can help you save your hard-earned money.

    • Losing weight can help save a lot of money in medical costs

    Weight loss is associated with much better overall health and with this reduced costs for palliative care, if you are healthy you will not get sick as easily, this means you won’t need to go to the doctor as much for routine check-ups for things like colds and bacterial infections. You’ll save money on doctor’s visits, medicine and much more.

    • Eating less food requires less money

    It costs on average about 1,000$ to feed a person each month, if you cut out your unhealthy food from your diet you can save hundreds of dollars per month. This adds up over time and you can save thousands of dollars in the long run. Not only that but it helps your health so it’s a win-win type of thing.

    • Losing weight helps the rest of your health and helps your productivity

    Your employer may not be paying you for your off days, this means that every time you are sick and can’t go to work you are losing money and losing paychecks. Being healthy and staying in the normal weight range will help your productivity and increase your chances of getting a higher paycheck next time it comes.

    Weight loss is hard, if you need a crutch, try this Garcinia Cambogia is high quality.…

  • Dating

    5 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriends Birthday

    In order to find a girlfriend you need to know what dating sites are best. AskMen has a pretty good list of dating sites that are good and has loads of dating tips for women.

    But once you have obtained a girlfriend, make sure to spend lots of time with her. Over time you will slowly learn what she likes and dislikes. This way you are able to make an educated decision on what gift to give her. Some girls will be content with just flowers for their birthday. Others will want something more elaborate, something carefully planned for their birthday. And almost all girls will be severely pissed off if you forget about their birthday. Don’t make that fatal mistake, make sure you have your girlfriend’s birthday on your calendar, or set some sort of a reminder for yourself. Some thoughtful gifts include pictures of you two together, this is a cost-efficient method of creating a satisfying gift. Another gift idea would be something like a plush teddy bear or a stuffed animal, girls go crazy over fluffy cute things.

    A thoughtful gift will always outmatch an expensive one. Bonus points if you manage to find an expensive and thoughtful gift. Jewelry will be sure to please your girlfriend on her birthday, even if you can’t. Something smart you can do is to ask your girlfriend what type of gift you should get for her. Some girls might get offended with you asking, and might say something along the lines of “Why don’t you figure out for yourself!”. So think about her hobbies, if she likes tech, maybe get her a robot. If she likes working out, maybe a new water bottle would be cool. So basically you should base your gift for her based on her interests and tailor it to the things she likes. Make sure you put a lot of effort into selecting a gift for her.…